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Install a concrete foundation in Seven Springs & Goldsboro, NC

You can't build a top-quality home without a solid and structurally sound foundation. Depend on RB Rouse, LLC. for concrete foundation services headquartered in Seven Springs, NC. We also install driveways, garage slabs and sidewalks.

If you have existing concrete, choose us to tear it out and lay a fresh concrete foundation. We have the tools and experience to make your slab look great the first time.

Call RB Rouse, LLC. today to request a free estimate for concrete services in Eastern North Carolina.

3 ways to utilize our concrete services

3 ways to utilize our concrete services

  • Install a brand new concrete patio.
  • Remove or replace old concrete 
  • Install a concrete driveway

Make an appointment for decorative concrete services by calling 919-738-6664 today. We offer free estimates for all our work.