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Build a big, beautiful home in Eastern North Carolina with help from RB Rouse, LLC. We're licensed homebuilders and general contractors, so you can rest assured we'll build you a solid new home.

We'll sit down with you to plan every room down to the minor details. We offer a cost plus builder contract that allows buyers to cover the actual expenses of the project. These costs include labor and materials, plus other costs incurred to complete the work. The “plus” part refers to a fixed fee agreed upon in advance that covers the contractor's overhead and profit.
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3 reasons to choose us for new construction services

3 reasons to choose us for new construction services

RB Rouse, LLC. will help you create a home that meets everything on your wish list. Recruit us for new construction services because:

  1. We can install everything from the foundation to the roof.
  2. We will work with you to create a project that meets your budget.
  3. We offer custom home design services to give you unique features.

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